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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello everyone!!
You can call me :iconblue-mplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-jplz::iconblue-oplz: or Maria, whatever

I'm a girl that's into so many fandoms that it's practically unhealthy. I tend to write a lot, but I also enjoy photography. Don't be scared to talk to me, I love making new friends! If you have any writing ideas and/or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment on my profile or just note me. I'll be glad to hear it!

This summarizes my life:

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i am not dead
lurking, i guess.

it's summer now so i'll probably be able to write, but then again, imma start working (as in i will have an actual job and i still can't believe it) and taking driving lessons so idek how much free time i'll have. busy days.

but yeah.
i'm not dead.
still alive.
and stuff.

so hmu if you wanna talk or want proof that i am indeed alive and not dead or whatever

that is all

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100 prompts challenge
Theme: Annoyance




Your latest performance of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" was abruptly cut off by a pillow thrown at your face by the one and only Karkat Vantas.

It was 1:50am and the party going on in your neighbor's house was still going strong, and seeing as the walls in your house were quite thin, you knew that there was no hope of you getting any sleep. Since you had invited your best friend, Karkat, to your house for a sleepover, you knew that he would have to suffer the same fate as you. Seeing as it was past midnight, the sleep deprivation had gotten to you, leading to you randomly singing songs and asking Karkat stupid questions like "Do you think cows have feelings?", to which he would reply with a "Shut up and let me sleep already."

It seemed like he had had enough of your shit and had decided to throw his pillow at your face from the spare mattress on the floor where he lay. Glaring at him in the dimly lit room, you loudly cleared your throat and started another song.


"STOOOP," Karkat groaned as he struggled to cover his ears with his hands, as he had thrown his only pillow at you in an attempt to shut you up and could no longer use it to muffle the sound. "At least give me the pillow back."

"No," you replied.

"What do you mean 'no'?"

"Well, you threw the pillow at me, so I assumed you wanted me to keep it. Besides, now you'll be able to enjoy my spectacular singing even more!"

"Please don't make me suffer through another song, (y/n).  There's enough noise coming from next door."

"Excuse you! My singing is not 'noise'! It is a delight to everyone!"

"You keep telling yourself that."


Karkat immediately broke into laughter, knowing that he'd managed to annoy you. Glaring at him once again, you sat up in your bed and turned so you were fully facing him. The minute he saw you do this, Karkat stopped laughing and looked at you with dread. An eerie smile slowly crept to your face and your eyes glistened with evil intent. Karkat sat up as well, eyes wide and shaking his head in horror.

"(Y/n), don’t you dare," he said, even though he knew that he would not be able to stop you.

The smile on your face grew wider. Taking a deep breath, you got ready to sing (well, scream) out the loudest, most annoying, off-key rendition of an overused childhood song.


"OH GOD, THE HORROR," Karkat wailed.


"Okay, that does it."

Karkat got up from his mattress and started walking determinedly towards your bed. Your eyes widened slightly, and you hugged the pillow that was thrown at you slightly closer to your chest.


No response.

"Karkat, what are you going to do?"

Still no response.

"Karkat, no. Don't."

"Give me back the pillow (y/n)," he demanded once he almost reached your bed. Backing away slightly, you shook your head.

"No," you said. "You threw it at me so now I get to keep it."

Karkat narrowed his eyes at you and took another step closer to your bed. You kept your head high as you stared back at him, refusing to break eye contact. If you did, you knew that it would be admitting defeat, and there was no way you were going to let him win.

The two of you stayed like that for a while, just staring at each other. However, the longer you stared at him, the more… intense his look seemed to be. You were thankful that it was quite dark, or he might have noticed the blush that was slowly growing on your face. Had you been able to read minds, you would have known that Karkat was thinking the same thing, as a blush just like yours adorned his face. Still, neither of you looked away. You weren't sure exactly how much time had passed when Karkat suddenly lunged forward, trying to get his pillow back from your grasp.

You tried to squirm away from him, holding the pillow as far away from the two of you as possible. Still, he remained persistent, refusing to give up his pillow. You continued to struggle against him for what seemed like hours (though in reality it had only been a few minutes), until you both got tired and stopped to recover your breath.

Looking up, you realized that Karkat was now on top of you, pinning your wrists down next to your head. As he looked down at you, you both realized what a compromising position you were in, and then proceeded to blush furiously. However, you noticed that something was missing. Looking over at your hands, you saw that the pillow was no longer in either of them. That's when you and Karkat glanced over at the floor by your bed. The pillow had fallen off the bed during your struggle with Karkat. You both exchanged glances with each other, conveying the same message: The pillow is mine

You pushed Karkat off you and then threw yourself at the floor, aiming for the pillow. Karkat immediately followed your lead, lunging for the pillow. Just as you managed to get a good grip on it, Karkat also took hold of it.

"Give. Me. Back. The. Pillow," he growled.

"Not. A. Chance," you replied.

You both struggled once again, trying to get the pillow out of the other's grasp. Rolling around on the floor, you both failed to notice that the music from your neighbor's party had stopped. After rolling on the floor for a while, Karkat managed to snatch the pillow from your hands, holding it as far away from you as possible. If you had been standing instead of on the floor, it would have looked like he was holding the pillow above his head. However, you found yourselves in a compromising position once again, only that this time you were on top of him, practically hugging him with one hand as the other reached for the pillow. One of Karkat's hands held the pillow away from you, while his other hand rested on your waist, almost holding you in place.

The second you noticed the position you were in, you immediately pulled your outstretched hand back and looked away so Karkat wouldn’t notice your blush, even though it was still quite dark. Had there been more light within the room, you would have also noted the blush on Karkat's face, mirroring your own. But, then again, you would have been far too flustered to pay attention to it.

The sudden realization that there was complete silence in the room hit you both at once.

"I, uh, I guess the party next door's ended," Karkat mumbled, avoiding your eyes.

"Y-Yeah, I guess it did," you replied, suddenly very interested in looking at the wall. Shaking your head to snap you out of your embarrassed state, you started pushing yourself away from Karkat. "I, um, sorry. I should probably go back to my bed no-"


You noticed that Karkat had let go of the pillow, and now both his arms were wrapped around your waist, keeping you in place. Your hands were on his chest, and you could see his face more clearly now since your eyes had adjusted to the lighting in the room.

"Well, um…" you started, "This is nice."

Wow, real smooth (Y/n), you thought.

"Yeah, it is," Karkat replied, smiling up at you. "(Y/n) I, uh-"

"Yes?" Your heart was beating erratically and you hoped that he couldn't feel it seeing as you were practically chest to chest.

"I've been meaning to tell you this for a while, but there's never been a good moment for it so…"

"What is it?" you asked, suddenly feeling worried and nervous. What if there was something wrong? What if he was sick of being your friend?

"I, um… Fuck it." You suddenly felt his hand push your head down as he leaned forward and captured your lips with his. Shocked, you remained wide-eyed as he kissed you, completely unmoving. He took this as a bad sign and started to part from you, until you finally snapped out of your shock and kissed him back with passion. Your hands found their way to Karkat's head and tangled themselves in his hair, as his hands pressed you closer to him. After what seemed like an eternity, you both had to draw back for air. Panting slightly, Karkat smiled up at you as you tried to get your breath back.

"So," you breathed as you shot him a smile of your own, "What was it you wanted to tell me?"

"Flushed for you (y/n)," he replied, pecking your lips once more.

"Well, in case you didn't know this, I'm flushed for you too," you said, sticking your tongue out at him playfully.

"Yeah, I kinda got that impression when you kissed me back," he answered, smirking slightly.

"So…" you started, moving your fingers along Karkat's chest, making him shiver underneath you, "Does this mean that I can keep singing as loud as I want?"

When Karkat went pale at your question, you burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, eventually rolling off him as you clutched your stomach and tried to stop laughing with no avail. You ended up on your back next to Karkat,  facing the ceiling as you kept attempting to calm yourself down. Karkat then rolled on top of you, pinning you down on the floor once again, and your laughter died in your throat as your eyes met his.

"You know, you're really annoying sometimes (y/n)," he said, smiling down at you.

You leaned up and pecked his lips, smiling.

"Yeah," you replied, "But you love me all the same."

Karkat rolled his eyes at that, but nodded. "Yeah, I do."
You both eventually felt a wave of exhaustion hit you, seeing as you had both been up for hours and you could finally sleep in peace. Instead of moving to your bed or to Karkat's mattress, you both remained on the floor, curled up against each other, smiling in content as you drifted asleep.




"Do you think cows have feelings?"


Annoyance (Karkat x Reader)

Well, now that that "outburst" is over with, here you go guys. Hope you liked the story, because I'm sure as hell proud of it. Do you know how long it took me to finish?? AGES. not really but shhhhh I mean really, this shit is even longer than my Economics essay, which is probably not a good thing but MOVING ON.
Have this as a Christmas present from me to all you lovely people. Now, as my English teacher would say, "Merry Christmas, you miserable lot!"

If you have any suggestions for any further stories and/or characters for any prompt, feel free to leave a comment on my journal here:

Karkat belongs to The Huss
You belong with meeeeto whomever you want
The story belongs to me
Words: 1800
I may or may not post a story tonight for Christmas
even though it's not christmas-themed

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